Essex Gases – Industrial Gas Supplier in Essex and surrounding areas.

About Us

For over a decade, Essex Industrial Gases (EIG) has been the premier industrial gas supplier in Essex and surrounding areas specializing in the supply of a wide range of gases including Cellar/ Pub Gas, Industrial Gases, Helium and Welding Gases.

Our Cellar and Pub Gases have been a regular fixture in many of Essex’s pubs and other watering holes for many years while our range of industrial and welding gases are a common sight at most workplaces in the county. Balloons add a lot of colour to parties and events, and our EIG Helium gas cylinders will help you make your event a truly memorable one.

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Established in 2001, Essex Industrial Gases is located in the heart of the Essex business district. The EIG team is a fantastic combination of skill and experience with our Directors boasting more than 40 years of total experience in the gas industry.

Our core business is the provision of Cellar/Beverage Gases, in 2004 we invested heavily to provide our customers with long term security of supply and competitive pricing for the future by building our own Nitrogen generating and Bottling Plant.  This guarantees continuity of supply and ensures we can control the high quality of our product now and in the future by filling all our own cylinders.

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Why Choose Us


Our focus has always been and will always be the customer, you can be guaranteed that we will do everything in our power to support your needs.

Health and Safety for our business and yours is key, our staff are highly trained and we can support you by supplying co2 detectors for our beverage customers and keeping you up to date with matters that affect your business.

We are constantly working to provide the most competitive pricing across our entire product range.

How We Work

Company Services


A full range of Beverage Gases, delivered with Customer care.


Competitively priced, expert delivery


Trade and Party Balloon gas, whatever the occasion


Rental Free Argon range to suit your needs


Food grade and Oxygen Free Nitrogen (OFN)

CO2 Detectors

Safety first with Analox CO2 Detection

Nitrogen Generation

Nitrogen Generation for large volume users

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Boost your margins with our celebrated Postmix recipes